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WNG INSIDER is a rewards program offered to existing and prospective Work ‘N Gear online and retail store customers. It’s free to join and allows participants to earn points by engaging in certain activities as described on the WNG Insider member dashboard. Earned points are deposited into the participant’s account and can be used to redeem reward coupons for discounts and more! Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details.

Who is eligible to become a WNG INSIDER?

Individual U.S. residents who are at least 18 years of age who maintain a valid personal email address, supply and opt-in for email from Work ‘N Gear with that email address during signup are eligible to join.

Is anyone ineligible from becoming a WNG INSIDER?

Yes. All participants must be individuals (as opposed to businesses) who make purchases with a personal credit or debit card or with cash. B2B customers who purchase using a business account or business credit card are ineligible to join. Work ‘N Gear employees and members of their immediate families or households are ineligible to participate in the program.

What information do I need to provide to become a WNG INSIDER?

All INSIDERS need to create an online account and opt in for email and as an INSIDER at by providing and valid email address and password. It’s free and there is no purchase required.

How many points do I earn when I make a purchase?

You will earn 10-15 points, based on your program tier, for every dollar spent at Work ‘N Gear stores and online at exclusive of taxes, shipping and handling or any other fees. The actual purchase price paid after any discounts or coupon codes are applied will determine the number of points earned rounded to the nearest dollar. For full details, please see the WNG INSIDER Terms and Conditions.

How do I redeem my points for a reward?

Once you have enough points for a reward coupon, simply visit your INSIDER rewards dashboard and select the reward coupon(s) you are eligible to redeem. A coupon code will appear on your Activities dashboard page and it will be emailed to you. Coupons will also appear in your online shopping cart when you are logged in.

Can I redeem reward coupons from another INSIDER or transfer my points or rewards to another INSIDER account?

No. Points and reward coupons redeemed are non-transferrable to anyone else in the program or to any other individual.

Can I use a reward coupon with another discount coupon?

Yes. You may redeem multiple INSIDER reward coupons from the same INSIDER account with ONE (1) promotion code coupon for in store and online purchases.

Can I purchase a Work ‘N Gear gift card with an INSIDER reward coupon?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot use a WNG INSIDER reward to purchase a gift card.

Can I return a reward I redeemed?

No. Once points are redeemed for a reward coupon, you have 90 days to redeem your coupon/reward or it will expire.

How long will it take for my reward coupon to arrive?

When you redeem points for a reward coupon, the digital coupon will be available immediately for use on your next purchase. In the event that a reward coupon is not received, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-987-0218 Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 5:00pm ET or email at

Why am I receiving WNG INSIDER emails?

When you joined WNG INSIDER, you opted-in to receive email from Work ‘N Gear and WNG INSIDER. You can unsubscribe at any time, but when you do, your WNG INSIDER account will be closed.

Is it possible for me to lose points?

Yes. If you return an item that earned you INSIDER points, your account will have the points reduced based on the purchase price of the item you have returned.

Do I have to be logged in to earn WNG INSIDER points?

Yes. Anytime you shop online, you must log in with the email address you provided when you created your INSIDER account. If you check out online as a guest, you will not earn points for that purchase.

How do I earn points for a purchase at a store?

Every time you shop at a Work ‘N Gear store, you must provide the store associate with the email address tied to your WNG INSIDER account. If you don’t provide your email address, you will not earn points for that purchase.

Can I earn points on my first purchase at a store?

Yes. But only if you create your online account on the SAME DAY you made your in-store purchase. You can create an online account in the store using your mobile device, or create it when you get home. You MUST create an account with the email address you provided the store associate by 11:59pm EST on the day of your in-store purchase.

When will points appear in my account?

Points for online purchases appear in your account after your online order is submitted. Points for in store purchases will appear in your account 48 hours after your purchase. Points for sharing WNG on Facebook and Twitter will appear in your account after a friend clicks on the link you shared. Facebook and Twitter share points are limited to one post and click through each per week. Points for referring a friend to WNG will appear in your account after a friend you referred clicks through the link you shared, joins WNG INSIDER and makes a purchase. Birthday points will appear in your account on your birthday provided you entered your birthday at least two days prior to your actual birthdate.

Which products earn me points?

All purchases made in a Work ‘N Gear store or online at are eligible to earn INSIDER points.

Do points expire?

Yes. Points will expire after 12 consecutive months of inactivity following the INSIDER’s last in-store or online purchase from Work ‘N Gear. Insiders can prevent points from expiring by making a purchase or by referring a friend who makes a purchase.

Do reward coupons expire?

Yes. Once points are redeemed for a reward coupon, you have 90 days to make a purchase using that coupon.

What are the different WNG INSIDER tiers?

There are three tiers in the WNG INSIDER program. Tier Annual Purchases Points Awarded INSIDER Less than $250 10 points for every $1 SKILLED $250 - $500 12.5 points for every $1 EXPERT Over $500 15 points for every $1 Purchase price excludes delivery, shipping and handling charges, taxes and any additional fees. Tier attainment is determined on an annual basis. All participants will revert back to an INSIDER status on January 1 of each calendar year and may be progressed to the SKILLED and EXPERT tier over the remainder of that year.

What if I have a question about the points I received for my purchase?

Inquiries regarding point possible errors must be received by Work ‘N Gear within 30 days of the alleged nonaccrual or mis-accrual of points. See Terms and Conditions for details.

What happens if I placed an order using a reward coupon and the order cannot be fulfilled?

The value of the reward coupon used on an order that cannot be fulfilled will be refunded in points to your INSIDER account.

What if the value of my reward coupon is greater than the value of my purchase?

Any reward coupon value that’s over and above the purchase price of your order will be forfeited.

What if I used a reward coupon on a purchase and have to make a return? Will I get my coupon back?

In the event that a reward coupon is used and the purchase is returned, contact Customer Service at 1-800-987-0218 Mon-Fri, 8:00am – 5:00pm ET or email at within 30 days of the return to request an adjustment to your INSIDER account. An adjustment will be made in the form of points.

How do I opt-out of the program and cancel my WNG INSIDER account?

Well, we hate to see you go, but you can cancel your account through your INSIDER dashboard by clicking on the Profile link below your name and click CANCEL MEMBERSHIP. If you change your mind, you can simply reactivate your account by logging in and opting in again. Any eligible accrued points will be waiting there for you.

Can my INSIDER account be closed for any reason?

Yes. We can terminate any INSIDER from the program at our sole discretion and for any reason including but not limited to an INSIDER’s failure to comply with the WNG INSIDER Terms and Conditions.

What happens to my INSIDER points if my account is closed?

If your INSIDER account is closed by Work ‘N Gear, points and benefits in your INSIDER account will automatically terminate. Work ‘N Gear will advise you of the effective date of your account termination.

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