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Scrubs Buying Guide

The best nursing scrubs are out there. Here’s how to find them.

What do anesthesiologists, CNAs, doctors, nurses and even nursing students have in common? They all wear scrubs, and just like you, they want to find the pair of scrubs with the perfect combination of fit, style and utility. Carefully choosing your next pair of scrubs could be the difference between being able to focus 100% on your work and your patients, and constantly fidgeting while on the job. Don’t let the latter happen to you! Here are top considerations to make when deciding on your next pair of scrubs:

1. Fit. Scrubs that are too tight will restrict movement, while scrubs that are too loose will get in the way of doing your duties. Here are our favorite solutions to finding the perfect fit:


  • Choose scrubs advertised as being flexible and/or stretchy; these are designed to maximize your range of movement in the arms and legs.


  • Junior fit scrubs are smaller and fit closer to the body; they’re great options for petite women
  • Wrap top scrubs flatter every size and shape
  • Pay special attention to whether or not your scrubs are sized for Men, Women or Unisex. Women’s scrubs tend to curve inward at the waist to follow a woman’s natural shape, while Men’s and Unisex scrubs offer a boxy cut in the waist as well as a longer length.
  • Relating to scrub top length, make sure your top fits below the hip so it will properly cover you while you work your active job. You should also choose scrub tops that are more fitted and not too low cut so patients don’t get an eyeful when you lean over to start an IV (and that goes for both men and women!).


  • Choose a pant style that compliments your shape and your work duties. For example, flare leg scrub pants can visually balance out your bust or hips, but may drag on the ground and trip you up if you are short and don’t order a petite size.
  • Drawstring waist pants are great options for anyone experiencing weight fluctuations.
  • Be on the lookout for specialty fits if you require them. Maternity scrubs, Petite Scrubs, and Tall Scrubs are plentiful.

2. Material. You encounter a lot of dirt, grime, bodily fluids and germs at work. The last thing you want to do is take them home with you or have them reappear the next time you wear your scrubs. Look for stain-resistant scrubs with anti-microbial. Bonus points if your scrubs are also moisture-wicking. This will help keep you cool and dry even as you rush from patient to patient.

3. Storage. Do you need two pockets? Five? Ten? To some healthcare workers there is no such thing as too many pockets. Pockets can be found in scrub tops, pants (especially cargo scrub pants) and warm-up jackets. Do you already own a pair of awesome scrubs but daydream about having more pocket space? ID Tags & Organizers and instantly add five more pockets to your arsenal.

4. Fashion. Of course function comes first, but fashion is always a consideration. Unless your workplace enforces a scrub color-code system, you have a near infinite number of options when it comes to choosing fashionable scrubs. Try some of these suggestions to add some more pizzazz to your scrub rotation:

  • Mix and match colors of the same scrub style for a different, but still cohesive look
  • Scrubs with darker side panels create a slimming effect
  • Prints rotate with the seasons. Be sure to pick up your favorite seasonal scrubs early – at least two months before the holiday – to get your pick of limited prints and sizes.
  • Beware of scrubs with glitter on them. Glitter fallout can land on you, your patients, and your instruments and is very difficult to remove!
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