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USA Made 17-Inch Rubber Overshoes

Treds USA Made 17-Inch Rubber Overshoes #1785TRE

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Treds USA Made 17 Inch Rubber Overboots # 1785TRE

For jobs that are just too dirty for your everyday work boots, the Treds USA Made 17-Inch Rubber Overshoes are the ideal solution to keeping your shoes and pant legs clean and dry. Designed to snugly slip over your regular boots, these long overshoes will offer an added layer of protection if you find yourself in a situation where you must be calf deep in sludge or wet concrete.

Molded from natural rubber latex, one of natures most durable and flexible substances, these overshoes won't suffer from on the job blow-out even under harsh conditions. Should the natural rubber ever become punctured, it can be easily patched with a simple rubber repair kit.

The elimination of right and left specific sides and the ability of natural latex to pull and stretch ensures that these overshoes can be quickly put on and taken off, so that you can get to work without delay. With the TREDS snug fit design, they will conform more tightly over your work boots than regular slush boots, for a comfortable fit that will stay snug all day.

The durable construction will protect your feet and legs from grime, while allowing you to comfortably wear your regular work boots while performing rugged and messy jobs.

  • Made in the USA
  • Boot height: 17 inches
  • Material: Waterproof natural rubber latex
  • Unilast design eliminates the need for rights and lefts
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