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Super Grit

USA Made 6-Inch Slip Resistant Rubber Overshoes

Super Grit USA Made 6-Inch Slip Resistant Rubber Overshoes #1325
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Made in the USA

Super Grit USA Made 6-Inch Slip Resistant Rubber Overshoes #1325

Super Grit Overboots feature sure-gripping aluminum oxide grit sole bars on TREDS overboots, providing additional traction for slippery conditions. Excellent for snow and ice or industrial environments with oil, grease and animal fat where it is difficult to keep your footing. Durable epoxy traction bars are embedded with aluminum oxide chips and permanently bonded to the sole with US Military spec epoxy.

  • LASTS 6 TO 8 TIMES LONGER: than synthetic rubber or pvc overboots. Super Grit’s proprietary latex natural rubber formula delivers superior physical properties: 4000 lbs. of tensile strength. 210 lbs./inch of “trouser tear” strength. 800% elongation.
  • WON'T "BLOW OUT" ON THE JOB!: Super tough Super Grit are almost impossible to puncture or tear. If damaged, the tear won’t “run”. We guarantee it!
  • EASY TO PULL ON AND OFF!: Stretchy Super Grit pull on and off like a dream.
  • PATCHABLE Overboots HAVE "9 LIVES": If are punctured or snagged, turn the boot inside out and apply a standard rubber patch or super glue; you are good to go!
  • "NO RIGHT - NO LEFT" - NO HASSLE!: Unilast design eliminates “rights” and “lefts”.
  • BETTER FIT, LESS FRUSTRATING: Buy to fit your workboot – not 3 sizes too big. You will forget you’re wearing almost the minute you pull them on!
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