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Men's Slip Resistant Chukka Boot Slip On

SKIDBUSTER S5073SKI, Men's Slip Resistant Chukka Boot Slip On
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BLACK color chip
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SKIDBUSTER Men's Slip Resistant Chukka Boot Slip On # S5073SKI

When you work on slick surfaces, the grip provided by the SKIDBUSTER Men's Slip Resistant Chukka Boot Slip On boots may be just what you are looking for. The outsoles are both oil-resistant and slip-resistant, providing great traction to help keep you on your feet, no matter where you might be walking.

These boots are built for comfort. With removable cushioned insoles and hidden additional cushions in the outsoles, they provide a double layer of cushioning where it has needed most. With these boots, you will be able to pull them off and on quickly. There is no need to take extra time to lace your boots. The soft leather uppers combined with Strobel construction make the boots responsive and flexible as you work.

Whether you work in an automotive garage or in a business with slippery floors, these boots can help you have peace of mind in knowing you're not likely to slip and fall. The perspiration absorbing lining on the inside will additionally help keep your feet warm and dry. If you want boots that are both comfortable as well as that provide the grip and traction, these might be a good selection for you.

  • Lined with perspiration absorbing lining
  • Slip- and oil- resistant outsole
  • Concealed cushions built into outsoles to provide additional comfort and shock absorption
  • Removable cushioned insole
  • All leather uppers with full grain and soft action leathers
  • Uses Strobel construction for enhanced flexibility
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