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Men's Excel FR Flame Resistant Work Pants

Bulwark PEW2BUL, Flame Resistant Work Pants
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Bulwark Men's Excel FR Flame Resistant Work Pant # PEW2BUL

Bulwark Men's Excel FR Flame Resistant Work Pants are designed for comfort and protection. With a Protection Arc Rating of 10.6 calories per square centimeter, you'll feel safe as you work in high temperatures. The rating determines the chances of receiving a second- or third-degree burn. The higher the rating, the higher the protection. Work safely around chemicals, flames and electric systems. The 100% cotton twill fabric also provides comfort, and the pockets help keep small items safe as well.

  • Fabric: 9-ounce twill with a thick weave for protection; EXCEL FR material made from 100% cotton
  • Flame-resistant material with a Protection Arc Rating of 10.6 calories per square centimeter
  • Easy cleaning in your home washing machine
  • Includes front pockets and hip pockets to carry and protect items
  • Interlined waistband for a perfect fit
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