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Men's 2 Buckle Overshoe Boots

Servus T469SER, Men's 2 Buckle Overshoe Boots
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Servus 2 Buckle Over the Shoe Boots # T469SER

Wear Servus Men's 2 Buckle Overshoe Boots on wet days when you don't want to wear rain boots. Sometimes, you need to get through the mud and muck, but still need your work boots when you've reached your destination. What if your work boots aren't weather resistant? That's when overshoe boots come in handy.

They are designed larger than your normal shoe size and have soft fabric inside, so they slip right over your boots or shoes with ease. Two buckles keep the covers tight on your feet. Thanks to the rubber and ribbed outsoles, these boot covers are 100% waterproof for when you need to trudge through snow, mud, and slush. The ozone causes damage to rubber over time, but these boot covers are ozone resistant so they won't crack. Slip these overshoe boots on to battle the elements and then slip them off easily when it's time to get to work.

  • Sized larger than your shoe size to fit over all types of footwear
  • Outsole: Thick ribbed outsoles to keep you on your feet in snow, mud, slush, or ice
  • Material: Ozone resistant rubber to prevent cracking after long use
  • Strong fasteners keep the boot covers tight to your feet
  • Lining: Soft fabric lining makes taking the covers on and off a breeze
  • 100% waterproof
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